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The kitchen and living room is where every homeowner spends most of their time. Freshen up their new home with items they might not buy for themselves but will provide the homeowner hours of enjoyment and use. This housewarming gift will turn any house into a home with a cozy fleece blanket, cheeseboard with utensils, waffle-textured dishtowels, reusable silicone bags, a candle with matches, and a 6 oz bag of assorted caramels.

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What Is Included In Your Gift Box?

All products in our gift boxes have been thoughtfully curated for every occasion and every love language. We take the guess work out of gifting.

  • Navy Fleece Blanket

    Navy Fleece Blanket

    Crafted from premium fleece, indulge in the plush comfort of this blanket, designed to keep you warm and cozy but versatile enough to be enjoyed throughout all seasons of the year.

  • Cheese Board

    Cheese Board

    The Cheese Board with Utensils set by Santa Barbara Design Studio captures the essence of imagination and design. The set includes a paddle-shaped cutting board made of richly grained, dense acacia wood, a sturdy bell knife to cut through heavy and mature cheeses, and a fork to firmly hold cheese in place while cutting.

    Cheese Board dimensions are: 6.5″ x 10.75″

  • Checker Waffle Dish Towel

    Checker Waffle Dish Towel

    Dove gray checker washed waffle textured dishtowels from Design Imports, a company with three decades of experience in delivering quality products, combines functionality with style, featuring a waffle texture that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. With their commitment to providing top-notch products, Design Imports continues to meet the needs of customers by offering durable and aesthetically pleasing kitchen essentials.

  • Waffle Dish Towel

    Waffle Dish Towel

    Based in Seattle since 1989, Design Imports’ Wild Dove Washed Waffle Dishtowel is sure to be a fresh and innovative addition to your kitchen.

  • Reusable Silicone Bags

    Reusable Silicone Bags

    ReZip, a company committed to designing thoughtful products that promote a simpler and greener lifestyle, introduces their 5-piece Stand-up Leakproof Reusable Pack n’ Go Kit. This innovative kit offers a convenient and eco-friendly solution for storing and transporting food items. With its leakproof design and stand-up feature, the Pack n’ Go Kit ensures that meals and snacks can be organized and enjoyed on-the-go without the need for single-use plastic bags or containers.

  • Seaside+Citrus from Calyan Wax Co.

    Seaside+Citrus from Calyan Wax Co.

    This meticulously crafted candle brings a refreshing blend of sea mist, mandarin, and verbena to your space. Made with simple, high-quality ingredients, this candle features 5.2 oz. of natural soy wax grown in America, phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with essential oils, and a metal-free, lead-free cotton wick for a clean burn.

    With a commitment to making a positive impact, Calyan Wax Co. donates 5% of their revenue to a trusted nonprofit partner dedicated to combating human trafficking, making every purchase a step towards freedom and justice.

  • Matches


    This corked glass vial is hand-filled and designed for convenience, featuring a built-in match striker, allowing you to ignite your favorite moments whenever the occasion arises.

  • Assorted Caramels

    Assorted Caramels

    These divine, handmade, gourmet soft caramels will satisfy any sweet tooth! Flavors include: Original, Sea Salt, Chesapeake, Chocolate Sea Salt, and OMG! Mouth Party, LLC is woman-owned and donates a portion of company profits to advance cancer research.

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