Fabulous Finds

For a delightful surprise filled with practical treasures, consider gifting them the Fabulous Finds gift box. Inside, they'll discover a collection of thoughtful items designed to enhance their daily rituals and bring joy to their lives. This gift includes a cozy fleece blanket for comfort, a scented candle with matches and wick trimmer for a relaxing ambiance, an Owala FreeSip 24oz water bottle for on-the-go hydration, a shower steamer with tray for a luxurious shower experience, and M&Ms for a sweet treat. Each item has been chosen to make them feel fabulous in every way.

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What Is Included In Your Gift Box?

All products in our gift boxes have been thoughtfully curated for every occasion and every love language. We take the guess work out of gifting.

  • Owala FreeSip Water Bottle

    Owala FreeSip Water Bottle

    The FreeSip 24oz water bottle by Owala is a versatile and adventure-ready companion, offering users the freedom to choose their preferred drinking method. With a built-in straw for sipping or a wide-mouth opening for swigging, this bottle adapts to your drinking style. Its convenient push-button feature allows for easy access while keeping germs out, and its leak-proof design ensures a mess-free experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and spill-proof water bottle.

  • Light Gray Fleece Blanket

    Light Gray Fleece Blanket

    Crafted from premium fleece, indulge in the plush comfort of this blanket, designed to keep you warm and cozy but versatile enough to be enjoyed throughout all seasons of the year.

  • Seaside+Citrus from Calyan Wax Co.

    Seaside+Citrus from Calyan Wax Co.

    This meticulously crafted candle brings a refreshing blend of sea mist, mandarin, and verbena to your space. Made with simple, high-quality ingredients, this candle features 5.2 oz. of natural soy wax grown in America, phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with essential oils, and a metal-free, lead-free cotton wick for a clean burn.

    With a commitment to making a positive impact, Calyan Wax Co. donates 5% of their revenue to a trusted nonprofit partner dedicated to combating human trafficking, making every purchase a step towards freedom and justice.

  • Matches


    This corked glass vial is hand-filled and designed for convenience, featuring a built-in match striker, allowing you to ignite your favorite moments whenever the occasion arises.

  • Wick Trimmer

    Wick Trimmer

    Founded in 2019 and crafted in Georgia, Porche Candle Co. presents their premium wick trimmers. Remember to trim your candle wick before each use to prevent mushrooming and ensure a clean, enjoyable burn.

  • Shower Steamer

    Shower Steamer

    The Breathe Shower Steamer by Cocoa Body Co., is a transformative experience that allows you to inhale the relaxing blend of eucalyptus and peppermint, promoting tranquility as you cleanse your body and prepare for the day ahead. Crafted with care, Cocoa Body Co. is a women-owned and Black-owned brand dedicated to creating all-natural, handmade, and eco-friendly products that prioritize both skin health and environmental sustainability. With a mission to promote wellness and inclusivity, they donate a portion of their profits to provide mental health resources and therapy to BIPOC communities, ensuring that every purchase contributes to a positive impact.

  • Shower Steamer Tray

    Shower Steamer Tray

    Experience the care and quality of Oily Blends products, crafted by hand in small batches. Elevate your shower experience with Oily Blends and savor every invigorating moment.

  • M&M’s


    A classic candy enjoyed for generations, these Chocolate M&Ms carry the Bryan’s Gifting Company logo and are a perfect treat for any recipient.

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