Chillin' and Grillin'

Level up your grilling game and become the ultimate BBQ hero with our exclusive Chillin' and Grillin' gift. Designed to help create delectable meals that will impress friends and family, this gift is packed with all the essentials. It includes must-have tools like a versatile, stainless steel grill basket that was ranked #1 by Better Homes and Gardens, an insulated koozie to keep drinks cold, a convenient headlamp for nighttime grilling sessions, and a reliable meat thermometer for perfectly cooked meats every time. Get ready to sizzle, smoke, and savor the taste of success!

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  • UltraVersatile Grill Basket

    UltraVersatile Grill Basket

    The UltraVersatile Grill Basket, created by Proud Grill, is a must-have grilling accessory for barbecue enthusiasts. Its large stainless steel construction and adjustable dividers allow for easy grilling and separation of vegetables, seafood, and meat. With a track record of being featured in prestigious publications like Rachel Ray Everyday and Good Housekeeping, Proud Grill delivers a high-quality product that has gained recognition and praise in the grilling community.

  • Universal Insulated Koozie

    Universal Insulated Koozie

    The Universal Buddy is the ultimate companion for keeping your drinks cold and covered in any setting. Whether you’re camping, grilling, enjoying a day at the beach, or simply unwinding for the night, this versatile can cooler ensures your beverages stay refreshing until the very last drop. Created by Brock and Mitch, two brothers hailing from Newton, Illinois, Frost Buddy embodies their values of faith, family, and now, the joy of sharing cold drinks with friends and loved ones.

  • Headlamp


    The Firefly Headlamp by Fox Outfitters is a high-performing outdoor lighting solution designed for camping and other outdoor activities. With a maximum brightness of 115 lumens and a super wide-angle beam, it provides ample visibility in any situation. Its waterproof design, red night vision mode, and inclusion of Energizer batteries make it a reliable and convenient choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Fox Outfitters is an emerging camping and outdoors brand known for their commitment to exceptional customer service and quality products, ensuring that customers receive the best experience possible.

  • Meat Thermometer

    Meat Thermometer

    This top-selling electric food thermometer is a popular choice for barbecue enthusiasts and home cooks alike. With its folding design and vibrant black and orange colors, this barbecue thermometer probe offers convenience and style. Its accuracy and reliability make it a top-selling item online, ensuring that users can achieve perfectly cooked meals every time.

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