Cute As A Button

For those seeking to shower a little one with practical gifts, the Cute as a Button gift box is the perfect choice. Packed with a cozy Marshmallow Bear from Warmies for snuggling, silicone stacking cups for endless playtime, a soothing teething ring for gum relief, and muslin burp cloths for cleanliness, this gift has it all.

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  • Warmies


    The Marshmallow Bear from Warmies, the renowned brand specializing in fully heatable soft toys and gifts, has been a trusted source of soothing comfort for over 25 years. This adorable bear releases a gentle warmth that helps alleviate stress and provides a cozy companion for children and adults alike. Warmies’ longstanding commitment to quality and comfort makes the Marshmallow Bear an enduring favorite in the realm of heatable plush toys.

  • Silicone Stacking Cups

    Silicone Stacking Cups

    Silicone Stackups from The Dearest Grey, a brand known for its super functional gifts, are practical and prioritize safety as they are CPSC approved. Stackups are super soft and flexible making it the perfect toy for babies and toddlers. Stackups are made with 100% food grade silicone and are great for improving your childs coordination and motor skills.

  • Teether


    The Sage Teething Ring from Beehive Goods, a small woman-owned business that started with humble beginnings in a garage, is a charming and soothing solution for teething babies. Handcrafted with care, this teething ring provides relief for little ones while reflecting the passion and dedication of its entrepreneurial founders.

  • Muslin Burp Cloths

    Muslin Burp Cloths

    The Muslin Burp Cloths from Comfy Cubs, a company founded by two compassionate and forward-thinking dads, are essential nursery items designed to provide practicality for parents and caregivers. Crafted with soft and breathable muslin fabric, these burp cloths offer optimal absorbency and gentle touch for both baby and caregiver.

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