Grape Expectations

Introducing our Grape Expectations gift, a curated ensemble for wine enthusiasts! Includes two stemless glasses, a wine aerator, wine opener, silicone wine charms, assorted caramels, and M&Ms. Elevate your celebrations with every sip!

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What Is Included In Your Gift Box?

All products in our gift boxes have been thoughtfully curated for every occasion and every love language. We take the guess work out of gifting.

  • Wine Glasses from CORKCICLE

    Wine Glasses from CORKCICLE

    CORKCICLE, founded in 2010, has made it their mission to elevate everyday experiences with their award-winning products, including their stemless wine glasses. These glasses embody both style and functionality, offering a sleek and modern design that enhances the enjoyment of wine. With CORKCICLE’s commitment to quality and innovation, wine enthusiasts can savor their favorite beverages in stemless glasses that effortlessly merge sophistication and practicality.

  • Wine Aerator / Opener Set

    Wine Aerator / Opener Set

    The corkscrew and aerator set from Santa Barbara Design Studio reflects the company’s dedication to imagination and design, collaborating with artists to create fun, fabulous, and unique products. This set not only provides the essential tools for opening and aerating wine but also adds an artistic touch to the wine experience. With Santa Barbara Design Studio’s commitment to creativity, wine enthusiasts can enjoy a functional and visually appealing corkscrew and aerator set that adds a touch of elegance to their wine rituals.

  • Drink Markers

    Drink Markers

    TRUE, a leading designer and supplier of beverage accessories based in Seattle, Washington, introduces the Chickadee Silicone Wine Charms. These charming and durable silicone charms feature adorable chickadee designs, allowing guests to easily identify their glasses at social gatherings. With TRUE’s commitment to quality and creativity, these wine charms serve as the perfect accessory for wine enthusiasts and party hosts alike.

  • Assorted Caramels

    Assorted Caramels

    These divine, handmade, gourmet soft caramels will satisfy any sweet tooth! Flavors include: Original, Sea Salt, Chesapeake, Chocolate Sea Salt, and OMG! Mouth Party, LLC is woman-owned and donates a portion of company profits to advance cancer research.

  • M&M’s


    A classic candy enjoyed for generations, these Chocolate M&Ms carry the Bryan’s Gifting Company logo and are a perfect treat for any recipient.

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