Bundle of Joy

When searching for a meaningful gift for a new mom, the Bundle of Joy gift box is a perfect choice. It comprises of essential items such as a letterboard to document precious milestones, baby closet dividers for organization, a versatile car seat/nursing cover for convenience, and a baby grooming kit to ensure comprehensive care throughout the little one's first year. It's a thoughtful gesture that will undoubtedly be appreciated by a new mom.

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What Is Included In Your Gift Box?

All products in our gift boxes have been thoughtfully curated for every occasion and every love language. We take the guess work out of gifting.

  • Letterboard


    The Letterboard Set, from independent lifestyle brand Kate & Milo, is the ideal companion for enhancing your Instagram pictures. With 188 letters and numbers included, this letterboard allows you to add a personal touch to every photo, making it the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

    The board dimensions are: 10" x 10"

  • Baby Closet Dividers

    Baby Closet Dividers

    Baby Closet Dividers from 3 Sprouts, a company founded by three friends with a passion for babies and a taste for distinctive and contemporary products, are an essential organizational tool for any nursery. These dividers will add a touch of style to the closet and also make it easy to categorize and locate different sizes of clothing, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient experience for busy parents.

  • Car Seat Cover / Breast Feeding Cover

    Car Seat Cover / Breast Feeding Cover

    The Multi-Use Car Seat and Breastfeeding Cover from Keababies is a versatile and innovative product designed to support and enhance the precious moments of parent-child bonding. This cover provides convenience, privacy, and comfort for nursing mothers while also serving as a protective and stylish car seat cover. Keababies’ commitment to fostering the magic of these bonding experiences shines through in this thoughtfully designed product.

  • Baby Grooming Kit

    Baby Grooming Kit

    The Newborn Baby Grooming Kit from Bizzu, a company dedicated to offering customers a diverse range of affordable baby products, is a must-have for new parents. Designed with baby safety in mind, this baby grooming kit is made of high-quality and baby-safe materials to ensure the gentle care and hygiene of a precious newborn. Included is a Soft Hair Brush, Baby Comb, 5 Emery Boards, Nail Clippers, Safety Scissors, and Nasal Aspirator all in a convenient carrying case.

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